Investment Focus

Issue: A growing issue in most U.S. housing markets is the current or projected shortage of affordable multifamily housing. More and more, individuals and families are finding themselves priced out of the market for high quality, affordable properties.

Workforce and Short-Term Housing Solution:

Our solution has 2 components:

  • Workforce Housing: Efficient, quality and cost-effective solutions aimed at workforce and seniors
  • Short Term Housing: For those not inclined to commit to a lease of a year or longer, this housing offers similar amenities as Workforce Housing but on a weekly or monthly basis.

Our team identifies properties that have been maintained but may be out of favor due to absentee management or will benefit from the repurposing of the real estate to either workforce housing or short-term housing solution.

Investment Characteristics:

  • Southeast U.S. secondary markets
  • Markets with shortage of affordable housing options
  • Strong growth and employment demographics
  • Engaged and supportive local leadership
  • Off market hotel properties
  • Quality real estate that can be upgraded and converted within a 6–12-month timeline
  • Cost to acquire and convert at a discount to new build